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Reservoir & Pump placement

1.  Where do I place the reservoir








You want to first draw an imaginary line at the level where your misting nozzles are. 

Then ensure that you place the reservoir and the pump below that line.

If placed above the entire reservoir will be draining throught your nozzles.









2.  Where do I place the pump in relation of the reservoir ?





The main objective is to  get instant flow to the pump without any delay.  This will allow you to create short misting durations and consistent pump performance.

Most important.  You must use the reservoir bulkhead.  Siphoning water through the top of the reservoir is not correct way to connect to the reservoir.

Draw an imaginary line at the level of the installed bulkhead. 

Place pump on the same level as the reservoir bulkhead.  You can go lower, but it's not necessairy.