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Value vs Premium - What's the difference ?

There are several differences between the nozzles. Price is an obvious one. Value nozzle costs $5 less. Why?


  • Premium misting assemblies are made of glass reinforced nylon, stainless steel and nickel plated brass.  These are very high quality top to bottom.  Value nozzles are made of polyacetal, cheaper alternative

  • Bulkhead on the premium nozzle has an O-ring on both nuts. This helps grip the surfaces better when tightened.

  • You can see on the photo the premium nozzle is a bit thinner. Value has more bulk.
  • Premium nozzles are extremely robust and durable and will virtually last forever.

Even though these are completely different nozzles as far as quality goes, both create identical mist. If you're on a budget then Value nozzles are the way to go.

When MistKing was started we only had the premium line.  Some of our customers still ask for them so we stock them.  Our value nozzles are by far the most popular and for 1 premium nozzle sold, we tend to sell about 100 value nozzles.