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EZ-Mister, just like MistKing is a Registered Trademarked name of Jungle Hobbies Ltd. No worries, EZ-Mister is still us !

Question:  Why did we create a 2nd misting line of products?

Answer: We get that asked often.  MistKing initially evolved in terrarium hobby.  We tweaked it, improved it and obsessed with customer service and support. MistKing was recognized and is adapted and in use by the best and most prestigious educational institutions, research facilities, ZOOs and hobbyists all over the world. It delivers extremely fine mist, precisely timed, virtually silently with no drip exactly where you need it. No compromises. However, some users wanted to use MistKing systems in applications that were outside the scope of what MistKing systems were intended for. They loved the reliability of our equipment and often used our systems in their green houses or animal collections but wanted to use similarly reliable system in either their back yard, around the pool or a horse stable to keep flies down or to cool off their patio.

MistKing was too fine, too precise.  New nozzle had to be: 

  • Fine, but more forgiving
  • Easy to replace
  • Easy to clean
  • Have no check valve

Nothing out there suited our needs and we don't do well with compromises.  We created new moulds and had it built from brass and stainless steel, then a stem injection moulded. The result manufactured by two separate USA companies was a tough, slim and extremely capable nozzle that would fit tightly info any MistKing fitting.  To avoid confusion with MistKing Misting Systems, we decided to make a new online store dedicated to non MistKing applications.  Visit www.EZMister.com


EZ-Mister systems, can be applied in endless places creating a fine mist.  Patios, back yards, pool decks, barns, balconies, stables and anywhere you may require automated misting.  See sample installation below by a pool area with an umbrella.  Nothing's better on a hot day than a cooling breeze - and maybe a cold beer with few friends by the pool enjoying it!