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Our philosophy is not to cut corners, but to provide quality product and service. Market place is already filled with corner cutters! Since you're here, either you're tired of dealing with them or are just set on providing a higher end product that your customers will enjoy and appreciate.

In the past we were often approached by stores telling us that they would only be able to sell MistKing parts if they were retail packaged. Other places that only sell via web only told us that retail packaging does not matter to them as they are only selling online. Others yet, would have retail and online presence and needed a combination of both. Depending on the type of business you need to figure out which works better in your specific case. Due to the needs of our customers, we provide both.

Retail costs a bit more, but in retail environment it allows for significantly larger sales due to a better displayed product and allows for accurate inventory tracking and POS bar code scanning. This convenience does come at a cost. However, you will quickly realize that this cost is irrelevant when you factor in selling to a customer out of a parts bin in a retail store. It's much more difficult to have customers rummaging through parts and occupying sale team's time. The choice in what experience you provide to the customer is yours.

Since many do not realize this, we figured that we will show you how cost is added when retail packaging the items.

Of course there is a ton of advantages when selling retail packaged products, but apart from yearly subscription to have specific bar codes and designer fees and labour to package the product, here are some physically visible parts which add cost to the product .

Retail product in your store will outsell bulk product with ease. Retail packaged item is much more appealing and is tagged with a bar code, which makes it easier to track its inventory. We retail package everything at our warehouse in North America.

Every retail product had its blister cards professionally designed and printed at a facility that specializes in retail cards in USA. These are all coated with an adhesive which is activated under large pressure and heat.

With every card, goes a blister which will enclose the product inside. Since our products are typically odd shaped we needed to create custom blisters to further customize our products.

You cannot order just a handful of custom products. We had to buy tens of thousands of each card style and each blister to match. This ties a significant amount of capital and occupies large area of our warehouse.

Once you have blisters, and cards you need to have a way to put them together. We had to invest in a blister packing machine and purchase additional jigs for each blister type. (each jig is $$$ and machine $$$$$$)

Machine must be powered by a compressor and while the end user rips the packaging and tosses it out and gripes about a higher cost, spending on our end never ends!

Similarly the tubing with a hang-able tag may seem trivial. Well, it's not. To see how tubing is packaged, see this video: