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Dart Frog behaviour


D. azureus mating. You can hear the male calling and see his throat inflate.

D. pumilio (bastimentos) calling. His efforts are rewarded. She actually shows up ;)

D. tinctorius showing it's dominance over a rival female by wresling and pinning her down. Note the submissive posture of the weaker frog.

D. pumilio (bastimentos) very agitated after hearing a recording of a rival male. Showing some aggression towards the ladies

D. leucomelas feeding. Set to MI theme song

D. tinctorius (Alanis) feeding. You can hear the flicking of the tongue. Set to theme from Terminator.

D. auratus (green & bronze) feeding. Set to theme from Halloween

D. azureus (juvenile) feeding. Set to XFiles theme
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Dart Frog Calls




D. azureus
D. auratus
D. biolat
D. galactonotus
D. granuliferus
D. histrionicus
D. imitator
D. lamasi
D. lehmanni
D. leucomelas
D. pumilio
D. reticulatus
D. tinctorius
D. variabilis
D. ventrimaculatus
D. vicentei


A. femoralis
A. zaparo

P. bicolor
P. lugubris
P. terribilis
P. vittatus Call with a female near by Warning Call, to fend off a rival male


E. hahneli
E. petersi
E. pictus
E. rubiventris
E. tricolor


C. flottator
C. inguanalis
C. talamancae

Thanks to ChocoHut.org and Dendrogrove.com for permission to use some of the calls. If you have some PDF calls not listed here, please share them. I will gladly post them here and give you full credit