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Screen Top Wedge Installation on ZooMed top

TOOLS NEEDED: Scissors, screw driver, self tapping screws.

Position the wedge so it perfectly fits and aligns on top of the frame. If there is a release tab, leave some space as not to impede its function. Start putting the screws in. If you're using self tapping screws, this should be very easy.

Finish, all 4 screws.

Wedge should be secured and very solid.

Flip the screen top up-side-down and cut a small cross in the middle of the hole

It won't be pretty. That's OK!

Use the screw driver and run in inside the hole to make the opening in the screen perfectly sized and aligned with the opening in the wedge.

Disassemble the misting assembly. Press on the ring on the bulkhead and pull the 'stem Tee connector' out. Undo the nut on the bulkhead.

Feed the misting assembly from the bottom of the ZooMed screen top

Hand tighten the nut and plug in the Tee connector

You're done! The nozzle will be very solid in the tank now.

NOTE: Some enclosures may work better with the wedge being installed on the underside of the top. Simply see which side makes a better fit for the wedge and the nozzle.