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I was very pleased to switch my misting system over to MistKing (should have been my first choice, take note!). The pumps and nozzles/heads are top notch and when I had questions Marty was very responsive and provided support in troubleshooting my issue. I highly recommend both service and products. I know I'll be back.
David Broome Mar 30, 2017
Mistking is the best Misting system for my paludarium. Monsoon RS-400 was my last set up but totally unhappy with it, Once i received my Mistking, the units installs in minutes, but takes time to perfect the setup, i.e neatness, looking nice and concealed. Thank You Mistlking for the Amazing product not to mention the fast response on questions on everything.

Jakarta, Indonesia
Naga Natio Feb 18, 2017
bought one for my frogs and it is by far the best system. I have tried a lot. For the money it is worth every penny and more. i would not buy any other misting system! You guys did it right!
david lawrence Jan 31, 2017
I ordered the Ultimate System for my little green house, and it is the best choice I made. Everything is built to last, the reptile fogger I used look likes a toy when I compare it to the MistKing. The mist is very fine and 3 nozzles are enough to reach everywhere of my green house. Now I can be worry-free when the summer comes again. I can leave the system with a large water tank and let it runs for days before refilling. And I must mention how nice Marty is. I was a little confused when I try to install the system, and Marty helped me quick and nice! You can tell he knows the system well. Wonderful products, great customer service, I will surely stay with MistKing. I hope more people knows about MistKing.

Thank you, Marty, for the great products and your help.
Kai Tam Jan 23, 2017
Finally it happened, last Christmas (2016) I got a personal delivery from no other than the man himself Marty,great person even tho he's on a Family Vacation (Hongkong) he still took big effort to give way..to bring my Kit here, and that i truly appreciate and thankful.. then after 12 days i got free and took the liberty of installing the system, its pretty easy with detailed instruction from the box, and i was stun the moment i saw the mistking in action, it was unbelievable @50microns it was freaky surreal, the way it makes mist, it was a cut above the rest, hands down. Then theres the ST-Timer it was super doped..let me tell u guys u can even fuckin set the execution time down to seconds damn..., plus u can set 10-programs with diff. firing schedule/duration.. ohh then theres the sweet motor pump..looks is deceiving tho..the pump is super quiet and stealthy..no rattling no nothin compared to other mediocre noisy crap pumps.. No sugar coating here..im tellin u guys if u wanna invest on good sytem look no further..this is the Real Deal...here..Quality is superb. I highly vouch Mistking. What u see in youtube cant do justice... u gotta see it in live up close & personal to appreciate it..You will be blown away..once u own one of these kits.

again big hugs to Marty,

Francis Jan 5, 2017
I work with a variety of chelonians that come from rainforest and cloudforest environments. After doing ample research for the best misting system, it was clear that MistKing was the most complete, professional option available. After using my four Starter Misting Systems for a few months, I am 100% satisfied with all four of them. Each pump runs 8 nozzles without any reduction in water pressure. The mist that is emitted is extremely fine and provides excellent humidity in all of my enclosures.

The ST-24 seconds timers allow me to mist some of my animals just in the morning and evening and others periodically throughout the day for any amount of time that I wish. They are extremely customizable. A huge advantage with MistKing pumps is that they are working perfectly even after running dry for a day when I was out of town and was not able to refill my reservoir.

I highly recommend MistKing and after using them will be purchasing more in the future as my collection expands. I can also say that if you do have any questions or issues with your unit, MistKing customer service is THE BEST in the industry.

Don't waste your time or money with other misting products (I have tried them and they don't compare!).

Jeremy T.
Jeremy T. Dec 27, 2016
A large amount of reptiles and amphibians kept in captivity come from regions with extremely high humidity and maintaining this is often essential to their health and part of your responsibility in offering proper care to your animal. Mistking is second to none- a must have for anyone with tropical tree boas and frogs. The set-up is quick and easy and a year down the road I have not had one issue even after letting the tank run dry on several occasions. Fantastic equipment and incredibly good after sales service which often is the true quality test for any company. I started off with the Ultimate Pack as a Christmas present to myself - which was a really good choice and have since expanded to additional nozzels. It's a bit like SONOS the music system - it is a bit of out-lay but so worth it and once you have it you see it is money well spent, after that you get addicted to expanding your system!
Andrew Kerr Dec 20, 2016
MistKing is a phenomenal product with fantastic customer service. I will never use another misting system for my reptiles. The price of the system is more than reasonable for the quality of the customized product you received. Marty replies quickly to any emails you send. If you go with a MistKing you won't regret it.
Jessica Dec 19, 2016
Been dealing with Marty and he is great to deal with. Answers all questions in a timely manor. AWESOME product and support. Will buy again when/ if I need more nozzles etc.

Mike P Dec 17, 2016
The shipping time was great. From Canada to the South West USA. The products work just as promised. The mist is fine and beautiful. The zip drip valve is absolutely amazing. And the customer service is great. I did my correspondence through email...photos, diagrams, everything. My issue was solved in a few days, and it was operator error.

I've been an avid vivarium/terrarium/reptile/amphibian hobbyist for the majority of my life. For as long as I can remember, I've heard of Mistking and their quality. I have seen their systems in action before, and I am so happy that I finally got one. My only is question is to myself - Why did it take so long?
Ryan Nov 14, 2016