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Solenoid Valve - NC

Solenoid Valve - NC
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Solenoid valve - NC (Normally Closed), wires directly into the mistking pump (and ZipDrip if present). It is therefore controlled by whatever device turns on the pump. If you have a Reverse Osmosis filter and would like to connect it directly to the misting system and not use a stand alone reservoir then this is the valve to use. Remember that the pump is not a valve and is normally open (even when OFF) and will allow pressurized water to pass into the rest of the misting system. In such cases this valve can be used to act as a switch for water going into the pump. When system turns on the water will automatically turn ON and when pump goes off, the water will be OFF.

IMPORTANT Remember that when using this valve water source will be connected. In case of a malfunction of the timer or if a leak develops or your cat chews the tubing, you should take proper precautions to avoid damage to property. Ensure that whatever you're misting is drained and that the floor has a drain to avoid possibility of flooding.

Weight 0.40 lbs
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