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MistKing Smart LED Spinner

MistKing Smart LED Spinner
Our price: US$19.95

If you like MistKing gear and would like to get something cool either for yourself or or someone else then look no further. Precision made, crafted in high quality anodized aluminum this may be the coolest hi-tech spinner that you can get. Gift this to someone and instantly score serious points! With this spinner you can program a message that will be displayed by the LEDs while spinning. You can create custom symbols and custom animation effects for your message. Do not compare this spinner to the plastic cheapos that you can get in every corner store. This spinner is very technologically advanced with very fast LEDs and speed sensing gyros that keep your message in same spot even at different spinning speeds.

The video above was done on a phone and given frequency of the LEDs and spinning and ambient fluorescent light, it did not give 100% representation of what the spinner looks like in reality.  It's actually quite a bit nicer, brighter and without so much blinking.  Nevertheless, you can see it in action.


  • High quality box with molded foam that securely holds the spinner
  • Smart LED Spinner
  • CD Rom with program (Works only on PC, sorry Apple  users)
  • USB to micro USB cable for charging and programming
  • Microfiber travel bag
  • Instructions booklet



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Weight 0.02 lbs
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